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What to Wear to a Photo Session

What to wear? The ever pressing question!

For a photo session, we are trying to remember and cherish a moment in time. Because you will be looking back at these photos for years to come you want to look your best. Brand new clothes are not a necessity but a professional make-up artist and a coordinating theme of clothing choices can make a session sparkle and your photos the best. Just remember, the more time you put in on looking your best, the more you will get out of your photos.

Matching seems corny and cheesy to some, but for a photo session when you and your loved ones are the focus, a coordinating theme can really draw the group together and look clean. Not only do you want to match each other but think about your location and match it as well. That can be easy in Florida, we are by the beach so you want to dress beach causal for a session there; however, for a more urban or social setting more formal attire is appropriate.

Dress for the seasons, of course that means dress warm when it’s cold, but I mean dress inspired by the season. For example, in fall try mustard yellows and burn siennas in your color palette to really draw in the warmth of the environment and bring fall to life in your photos.

The best tip and most important is to be comfortable and be yourself. 🙂

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