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The Perfect Wine Bar at the Beaches…

vPINIMAGEVThis blog title is a bit misleading because if a bar has wine, then its perfect in my mind, but I still search for that romantic, eclectic wine bar akin to the likes found in the winding sidewalks and alleys of Venice, Italy. And I think I found something close to what I am looking for last night.

I went to a wine tasting at Royal Palm Village Wine and Tapas in Atlantic Beach and as a lover of wine and food I was shocked I had not been there sooner. The locally owned restaurant focuses on sustainable “farm to table” food choices and the menu included several tasty dishes loaded with fresh vegetables and wholesome ingredients. I completely love this approach to fine dining and would include the Royal Palm to my list of favorites.

They had several easily approachable wines to taste at no additional cost and over 200 wines to choose from for consumption at your table or to take home, oh and if you like beer, they have microbrews on tap as well! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food and the wines and I will certainly go back!

The Wine Bar in Jacksonville Beach is the next establishment I plan to visit, check back for thoughts on it! And as always if you drink too much, please don’t drive. Have a great weekend!!!

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